Time Tracking That Makes Billing And Payroll Easy
Time IQ’s intuitive interface helps businesses do more than just effortlessly track time. It helps you quickly see project status, create invoices, and understand employee productivity.
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Track employee time
With Time IQ, your team can quickly log hours worked on projects, spent on administrative tasks, or away on vacation. You can also require notes for each entry, so you can see how employees spent their time in more detail.
Monitor progress
The advanced reporting tools in Time IQ provide an up-to-the-minute look at your team's hours. You can check in to see where you are with a project, how many hours an employee has worked this week, or what your total billable hours look like for the current period.
Simplify accounting
At the end of your current pay or billing period, you can lock time sheets so billing and payroll numbers won't change unless you want them to. You can also export your data to Microsoft Excel or popular accounting packages, such as QuickBooks.
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©2005-2016 Time IQ LLC. All rights reserved.
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