Time IQ

Time Tracking Made Easy

Time IQ is the leading web-based time tracking application for agencies, design studios, freelancers and any service based businesses that need to track project time for their clients.

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Intuitive, Web-Based, and Reliable......

There's nothing to install, configure, or maintain (no IT department required!). All you need is a web browser and an internet connection. It's that simple!

Time Entry

Time entry is easy! Once an employee has logged into the system, they can immediately enter their time. Our live-feedback calendar will also show them days for which they are missing time, and you can configure reminder emails at any interval you choose.


Robust visual reporting allows you to quickly monitor project time, employee proficiency, and profitability, all from a simple web-based interface. Direct data export to Quickbooks or Excel makes it easy to fully utilize your time records for billing and administrative purposes.

How Can Time IQ Help Us?

  • Track Internal Project Time
  • Track Freelance & Contractor Time
  • Organize Employees, Clients, and Projects
  • Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Reports
  • Data Export for Billing
  • Track Utilization by Task