Manage teams big and small
  Multiple user levels will allow you to
give your team as much access as they need.

Administrators can manage everything.

Managers can manage assigned Clients, Projects, and People.

Standard Users can only track time to assigned Projects.

Easy to configure Permissions
Give your team as much or as little access as they need
with access control managed on a person-by-person basis.
Review Employee Timesheets
  Weekly timesheet views will let you review what
each person on your team has been doing.

Review hours worked

Make easy edits

Set required hours & review missing time
  Set daily required hours for each person on your team to track who has missing time.  

Individual requirements

Automated reminders

Reporting dashboard

Missing time report
Review the missing time report at any time to send
an additional reminder to catch up on hours
right before your billing or payroll periods.
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