This is the Privacy Policy for Time IQ.

Our Contact Information is:

4617 Dovetail Drive, Suite #11
Madison, WI 53704

Website visitors:

We collect information about our visitor's domain, but we collect no information about our visitor's email address.

Customers & Information that you give to us:

  • The email address and personal information from visitors who post on our website.
  • The email address and personal information from the visitors who communicate with us via email.
  • The email address of those who post in our chat areas.
  • Aggregate (General Tracking) information about pages that users visit on our site.
  • Any information given to us by users that contact us via inquiry form, survey, etc.

We use this information for:

  • Internal review, tracking, or contacting and is then archived for future reference.
  • Improving the quality of our website content and user friendliness for a better user experience.
  • Marketing purposes, including newsletters, emails or periodic advertisements from our company.
  • All customer relationship processes including customer support, invoicing, troubleshooting, etc.

This information is not Shared with any outside organization for commercial purposes. We may still share this information for tracking and other non-commercial purposes.

How we share your information:

  • By Consent - Time IQ may share your data with your explicit consent on a case by case basis.
  • Third Party Providers - Time IQ may share your data with third party providers as directed by the customer.

We do not share any customer information unless the customer authorizes a third party processor access to their own data.

Cookies and other tracking technologies:

Time IQ uses cookies

  • Recording Session information and preferences for Time IQ or other purposes.
  • Storing customer preferences for return visits to their Time IQ sites.

GDPR and Time IQ

The Time IQ service provides a secure storage framework for Customers, who are considered Controllers under GDPR regulations. All customer data is stored in individual customer-specific databases and is not comingled with other customer data. It is at the Customer's discretion what information they choose to collect and store in the Time IQ platform, and the customer has complete access to export, review, and remove any records they feel should be removed. It is the opinion of Time IQ that the general time tracking records created within our service are to be considered business property and a legal record of work efforts reported--and it is our recommendation to remove only sensitive personal data that may have been entered to the system if an employee submits a right to erasure request for their time tracking records. For those countries who are bound by GDPR, our recommendation is to store the minimum of Name and Email address in our systems which are contact information and not considered sensitive personal data under GDPR.

Time IQ is considered an authorized processor and will access your data only in the course of providing service to you and for no other purposes.

All inquiries about complying with GDPR can be directed to our Data Protection Officer.

All questions about the Terms of Service should be sent to

If you are currently receiving a newsletter or emails from us and would like to stop receiving them, please notify us by contacting us by email, at the above address.

With respect to sensitive information, we will redirect the user to a secure page either on our site, or to a trusted 3rd party site before transferring or receiving sensitive data. This information may include credit card or banking information, medical information, or other sensitive information.

For questions regarding our privacy policy or website in general, please contact by email, listed above.

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©2005-2023 Time IQ LLC. All Rights Reserved.
Phone: 608.237.1541