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  Your team can install Time IQ on mobile devices, and we can integrate into your accounting and business workflows.  

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Install Time IQ on Mobile
If you want to install Time IQ on your mobile devices,
we have instructions for installing on Android and installing on Apple.
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Import Clients, Projects & People

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Get Setup Assistance
If you want a hand getting your data imported into Time IQ for a quick setup, just email us at support@timeiq.com or contact us via live chat.
Automate integrations with Zapier
  Time IQ supports a variety of integration triggers
that can help you do work in other apps:

When you add People

When you add Projects

When you add Time

Integration works both ways
With Zapier you can have your other software manage Time IQ. For example, creating a person in your accounting software can automatically create their account in Time IQ!
  Contact our support team to get set up
with Zapier integration with Time IQ.
We offer free initial setup assistance, and can happily help you get started integrating with Time IQ! Email support@timeiq.com for more info.
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©2005-2023 Time IQ LLC. All Rights Reserved.
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