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Application Integrations with Zapier
Who can use this feature?
   Only Administrators can use this feature.

Time IQ offers direct integration with hundreds of applications via the Zapier automation platform.  Zapier allows you to create integrations between apps that are very easy to set up, and that don’t require a software developer to make happen.  For example, Zapier can listen to a trigger in your Accounting software when you add a new employee that notifies Time IQ and automatically creates the employee a new Time IQ account to log their time.  For the clients that are using Zapier and Time IQ together–they are able to save a ton of administrative time.

If you would like to know if the apps you are using are supported on Zapier, check out their Application Directory.

If you don’t know how to use Zapier, or need help integrating with a different platform, our support and integrations teams may be able to help.  Get in touch, and we will do our best!

Available Zapier Triggers

Triggers are events that happen in Time IQ that will allow you to trigger an action in another application.  For example, if you add a new user to Time IQ, our “New User” trigger can notify your other apps to also create that user so you don’t have to do it manually.  Or you could use our “Time Entry Created” trigger to post a message to your Slack channel so your team can be updated when people work on certain projects.

  • Time Entry Created – Triggered when your team logs a new time entry.
  • New User Created – Triggered when you add a new user to Time IQ
  • New Project Created – Triggered when a new project is added to Time IQ

Available Zapier Hooks

Our Zapier Hooks allow your other apps to create new People, Projects, and Time Entries in Time IQ.  For example, if you add a new person to your accounting software, you can automatically create a new account for them in Time IQ so you don’t have to do it manually.

  • Create Person – Automates the creation of a new Person in Time IQ
  • Create Client – Automates the creation of a new Client in Time IQ
  • Create Project – Automates the creation of a new Project in Time IQ
  • Create Time Entry – Automates the creation of a new Time Entry for a Person and Project in Time IQ

How to Access the Time IQ App on Zapier

The Time IQ Zapier App is currently in private beta on the Zapier platform and is invitation only. Our integrations team would be happy to work with you to help automate your cross platform integrations.  Just contact us at or open the live chat at the bottom of the page.

Need Something Else?

If you are looking for a custom integration, our integrations team can help.  We would love to hear what you are looking for–just shoot us an email.

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