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Account Security – Support and Data Access

Here at Time IQ we take your account security very seriously.  To that end, we have a set of security policies in place that help us make sure that no unauthorized individuals can gain access to information about your account.

Who can access support?

All accounts offer unlimited email, live chat, or phone support for any issues related to your account.  We can help with almost any general question without having to verify identity.  We will happily help your employees with general questions, and we can direct them back to their manager or administrator if they have any questions that might be dictated by company policy.

Who can make changes to your account?

Only Administrators with currently active accounts in Time IQ can request our support team to make any changes to the data in your account.  Standard users and Managers will be directed to submit their request through a registered Administrator in the system.

How we verify your identity

Our support team only has access to the list of currently active users on your account for access verification.  We will attempt to verify via email that we are communicating with the correct account contact.  In the case that we can not make an email verification, we will escalate your request and attempt to contact other administrators or call your main office for verification.

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