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How to Start A Free Trial

Signing up for a Time IQ account is quick and easy. There is no payment information required up-front when you sign up, so there are no strings attached.

1: Visit


Simply go to and click the ‘Free Trial’ button in the top navigation of the site.

2: Enter Your Company Name


Enter your company name–this will be used to brand your Time IQ site as your own.

3: Enter Administrator Details


Enter your name and email address or the name and email address of the person who will be responsible for managing your Time IQ account. Then select a password.
When your account is created, this person will be sent the login details for the account and will also be set up as the first Administrator for your account.

4: Choose a URL, Click Create!


Finally choose a URL for your Time IQ account. This is where you and your employees will sign in to log time and manage your account.
When everything is filled out click ‘Create My Account’ and you will be redirected to your account!

That’s It!


From there you can add your clients and projects, add your employees, and start tracking time!

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