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Resolving Failed Payments
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We get it. Sometimes a card has to be cancelled, or the bank has an issue, or maybe you forgot to update your card when it expired.  If you received an email from our billing system letting you know a payment couldn’t be processed, we are happy to help you get it resolved.

Update your billing details

If you have a new credit card, or new expiration date, it is super easy to update your billing details in your account.  This will take care of 90% of your billing problems, and if you were due for a payment you should receive an email confirmation with your invoice as soon as you update your payment method.

Learn how to update your billing details here.

Contact Support For Other Issues

If you are waiting to get a new card, or are having other issues updating your information, simply click the Live Chat link below or contact our support team at or 1-608-237-1541.

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