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Add a new Project
Who can use this feature?
   Administrators and Managers can use this feature.

You can have an unlimited number of Clients and Projects in Time IQ. To get started, simply add all of the currently active Projects your team will need to log their time to.

Tip: If you aren’t sure how to structure your clients and projects, take advantage of Our Support Team who would be happy to share with you some ideas and examples of what other clients have done and what might work best for you.

How To Add A Project

1. Navigate to the Projects page


You can add Clients and Projects on the Projects page.

Don’t see Projects in your navigation? You have to be an Administrator or a Manager to see this.

2. Click “Add Project”


3. Enter Project Info


Choose the client associated with the project, and enter the name of the new project. You can click the “New Client” button if you would like to add a new client to the system.

Toggle whether or not time logged to this project can be marked as billable (will display as billable in reports).

Then Click Add.

4. Manage Project Permissions


The Project Detail page will allow you to assign people to log time to or to manage a project.

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