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Adding an expense entry
Who can use this feature?
   All users can use this feature.

If an administrator has enabled the Expense Tracking feature, you will be able to enter expenses from the Add Entry dialog the same way you enter time entries.

  1. Click “Add Entry” button (or press “N” key)
  2. Click the Expense tab
  3. Choose the project to log the expense to
  4. Choose the type of expense you want to log
  5. Enter notes (optional unless required by administrator)
  6. To notify your manager(s) that you should be reimbursed for the expense, make sure Request Reimbursement is toggled to Yes
  7. Enter the amount of the expense…
  8. …Or, if the expense type is unit-based (e.g. mileage), enter the number you’d like to log, and the amount will be auto-calculated
  9. Click “Add”

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