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Unit-based expense types
Who can use this feature?
   Only Administrators can use this feature.

If you want your team to log a certain type of Expenses by entering a number of units as opposed to a specific currency amount, you can achieve this by setting that Expense type to Unit-based. An example of a unit-based expense you might want to use would be “Mileage”, where for every mile logged by a member of your team, a certain price per mile (e.g. $0.40) would be automatically calculated and logged to the Time IQ system.

You can  adjust whether or not an expense type is unit-based from the expense type’s details page.

  1. Go to the Expenses page in your Time IQ account
  2. Click the expense type you want to set as unit-based
  3. In the right sidebar, toggle the “Unit-based” option to “YES”
  4. Click the edit (pencil) icon to enter edit mode so you can adjust Unit name and price
  5. Enter the name of the Units (e.g. Miles)
  6. Enter the price amount to be calculated per unit
  7. Click “Save”

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