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Change a person’s time tracking style
Who can use this feature?
   Administrators and Managers can use this feature.

There are two different modes of time tracking in Time IQ that can be set on a per-person basis.

Duration Mode – Allows people the ability to enter the number of hours they worked on a project.

Start and End Time Mode – Requires that people select the start time and end time that they were working on a project, and the elapsed time is calculated automatically.

Here is how to configure this setting for each person on your team:

1: Go to People Page, and Click a Person to View their Details.

Note: Only Administrators can change a Person’s user level.

2: Select Preferred Tracking Style from Menu

3. The Tracking Style is Now Updated

Moving forward, new time entries for this person will be in the new style. Old time entries will remain in the old style.  Entries in the previous style can be converted by first adding a new entry in the new style to replace them, and then deleting the old entry.

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