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Reviewing, approving, and declining Timesheets

If you are a manager of any People required to submit their timesheets who also need their timesheets approved, you will be automatically be notified when someone submits a Timesheet for you to review. Here is how to review submitted Timesheets for those People:

  1. Visit the Timesheets page in your Time IQ account
  2. Click on the “Timesheet Concerns” button to list only Timesheets for people you manage that need attention.
  3. From this page, by clicking the appropriate button, you may choose to remind someone to submit a timesheet, approve or decline submitted timesheets, and even approve non-submitted timesheets if you wish. Or, you may click the View button to see all of the time entries in the associated timesheet.
  4. Once you have clicked to View a timesheet, you may also approve, decline, etc. from that page.

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