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Achieving Time Tracking Compliance

Three of the most important things when it comes to managing employee time tracking are getting employees to remember to track time on a daily basis, providing details on what they did, and restricting how far in the past employees can make changes to their time sheets.

Required Time

The Required Time feature in Time IQ is great if you have employees with fixed schedules that you want to make sure are tracking a minimum number of hours each day.  If your team works 8 hour days Monday through Friday, you can enable Required Time with that requirement schedule and employees will receive automatic email reminders when they are behind on time sheets.  Enabling Required Time also enables the Missing Time Report which gives you the ability to see all of the people in your organization who are behind on time sheets and send them additional reminder emails.

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Required Notes

Adding notes to time entries is a handy feature to have for some businesses, but it’s a “must” for others. So you always get those important contextual details for hours logged, the Required Notes feature is available. When this feature is turned on, notes must be entered when attempting to save a time entry.

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Entry Locking

Enabling Entry Locking in Time IQ allows you to control how far in the past your team can make changes to their time sheets.

You can either select a date in the past that represents the earliest point in time that a person can make changes to their time sheet, or you can configure automatic locking to allow access from 1 to 30 days in the past.

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