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Required Time Overview

Required Time feature is an optional compliance tool in Time IQ that lets Administrators and Managers provide minimum time reporting requirements that will help teams maintain accurate and timely time sheets.

Once enabled, Required Time provides the following additional functionality to Time IQ:

  • Administrators and Managers can set minimum required hours per day for each person in Time IQ.
  • People with required time set will see the number of required hours for each day they are supposed to be working.
  • People will receive in-app notifications as well as automatic email notifications if they did not complete the previous day’s required time tracking.
  • Administrators and Managers can view a report of any outstanding missing time notifications for the people they manage, and are able to send email reminders as well as dismiss any unnecessary missing time notifications.

Once enabled, people who have Required Time will see very clear expectations of the hours they must log each day to meet the time tracking requirements.

Configuring Required Time

An Administrator may enable the Required Time feature from the Settings page of your Time IQ account.

Once enabled, Administrators may manage required time for all users from the Settings page.


Managers may manage required time for only the people they are assigned to manage–which must be accessed from the People page.


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Monitoring Compliance

Enabling Required Time also enables the Missing Time Report which lets you see who’s behind on time sheets and send them additional reminder emails.

The Missing Time Report clearly shows who hasn’t met their Required Time goal for a given day. Admins and Managers can quickly send more reminder emails (the system automatically sends Missing Time emails) and even dismiss a Missing Time entry for users.

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