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Time Clock Overview

The Time Clock Tracking Style is an optional Tracking Style that will allow you to assign a restricted time logging interface to Standard users.

People using Time Clock to log their time will be presented with an interface that will only allow them to log time by clocking in and clocking out on each of their projects.

This is a great option to enable if you do not want your non-manager employees to be able to manually log their time and edit their entries.

What Time Clock Mode looks like for Standard Users

This is what the time tracking interface will look like for Standard users that are assigned the Time Clock tracking style.


  • They may only log time by clocking in or clocking out.
  • They may not manually create new time entries. (They will not have an Add Entry button)
  • They may not edit existing time entries to change their hours, only which project they were working on and to add notes.

If a Person using Time Clock mode has to make adjustments to their hours, they will need to contact a Manager or Administrator who will be able to View a Person’s timesheet to make changes.

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