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Modifying entries for a person
Who can use this feature?
   Administrators and Managers can use this feature.

Administrators and Managers in Time IQ are able to access time sheets to make additions, deletions, or changes.

Managers will only have access to edit time sheets for the people they are assigned to manage.

If your company has enabled entry locking, managers my not be allowed to edit locked entries. (See the entry locking overview for more information)

Modifying time entries for a person

  1. Go to the Home timesheet view in your Time IQ account
  2. Open the “Entries For” dropdown at the top of the Home interface and select the person that you want to manage time entries for
  3. Use the calendar icon to navigate to the period of time you need to make changes.
  4. Once you are looking at the correct timesheet, you can edit an entry by clicking the pencil icon. (If there is no pencil icon, the entry may be locked)

Take a look at our Using Time IQ section for more information on how to work with Time Tracking entries.

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