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Timesheets Overview

Time IQ has an optional feature called “Timesheets” which will allow you to require individual employees to submit their time for manager approval at the end of each timesheet period. Administrators can configure the timesheet periods so that Timesheets are due every week, every other week, twice a month, or every month.

Once the Timesheets feature is enabled…

Set Submission and Approval Requirements
Administrators can determine who is required to submit Timesheets at the end of each period, and who is additionally required to receive approval by a manager for their submitted Timesheets. People will automatically be notified by the Time IQ system if their Timesheet is due.

Admins/Managers are notified about Timesheets
Managers of any Persons requiring Timesheet approval (which includes all Administrators, as Administrators by nature manage all People) will also automatically be notified if any of the People they manage have an overdue Timesheet, or if any of the People they manage have a Timesheet ready for review and approval.

Timesheets can be approved or declined
While reviewing a Timesheet, a Manager/Administrator may choose to Decline the Timesheet along with a customized note, requiring the Person who submitted the Timesheet to make requested changes and re-submit the Timesheet for review. Once the Manager/Administrator deems a Timesheet appropriate for approval, the Timesheet can be approved with a single click.

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