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Time Tracking Overview

Time Tracking with Time IQ makes it quick and easy for your team to track their time across all of the projects they are working on.  Our time entry interfaces can be customized to suit the type of information that you need to collect.

Time Entry Process

When a person logs a time entry in Time IQ, it is as simple as selecting a project, indicating when they worked, and storing the entry.


Available Time Tracking Styles

Time IQ offers three distinct time tracking styles:

  • Duration (default) – People will enter the number of hours they worked.
  • Start and End Time – People will enter the start time and end time that they were working.
  • Time Clock – People will be limited to clocking in and clocking out, and can not manually indicate when they worked. (Enable this optional feature)

For more information, visit our article that explains these styles in more detail.

Time Tracking Preferences

The only items required to log a time entry in Time IQ are the project, and the amount of time worked.  If you require more details for time tracking, you can enable the following features:

  • Require Notes – By default, people have the option to add notes to time entries.  You can make this mandatory by enabling Requiring Notes in settings.
  • Service Tracking – You can enable the service tracking feature to require people to specify which service they were performing when working on an project.  Visit the service tracking article for more information.

Available Homepage Interfaces

Time IQ offers three home screen interfaces to allow your employees to view and work with their time sheets:

  • Daily – The default view in Time IQ shows a single day at a time.
  • Weekly – This view will show a weekly view of a person’s time sheet.
  • Batch Entry – This view provides a spreadsheet-column style interface for people logging time in Duration Mode (Enable this optional feature)

Your team will be able to choose the homepage interface that best suits them. Visit our article about selecting a home page interface for more details.

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