Time Keeping For Lawyers

Time Tracking For Lawyers

Timekeeping for lawyers is essential for tracking billable hours. There are three main factors at play when it comes to time tracking for attorneys.

1. Accuracy

Keeping an accurate record of your time will save you a lot of headaches down the road. The increments you record in will largely be up to how you and/or the firm your work for decides to breakdown billable hours. (Typically, every 6 minutes or tenth of an hour.) Whether recorded in minutes or decimals, meticulous records are vital.

2. Details

Time-keeping for attorneys means detailed notes about each time entry. These are essential for your personal records, and these notes will only help you in the event of a billing dispute.

3. Confidentiality

Make sure your clients’ information stays protected when you’re tracking the time you spend on them.

Whether your firm is you, or you and 100 others-accurate, detailed, and confidential time tracking is essential.


 Time IQ can help.


 1. Accuracy

By keeping Time IQ open on your tablet, phone, or desktop, timers will give to-the-minute accuracy. Your current timer will automatically pause when you start another, which makes switching back and forth between projects seamless.

2. Details

The note portion for each entry allows you to keep a detailed record of what was done, as you’re doing it. These fields can also be filled retroactively at the end of a busy day.

3. Confidentiality

Unlike server-based software, Time IQ is cloud-based. This ensures each of your clients will have their own individual database that guarantees confidentiality.

Time IQ also offers three different user levels, perfect for larger firms with more employees and plethora of sensitive information.


In addition to these features:

To make billing easier, Time IQ allows you to run a variety of reports, allowing you to see a detailed account of exactly where your time was spent, and on what services per client.

You will also have the ability to enter in all your legal billing codes as services to save you time when creating invoices.


For more information on Time IQ, or to start a 30 day free trial, click here.