Learn about Web Based Time Tracking with Time IQ

See how Time IQ can help your company streamline time tracking and make daily timesheets effortless. Our web-based time tracking system provides live reporting and report exports that you can integrate with accounting software like Quickbooks, Freshbooks, and more.

How to Track Employee Time Off / PTO

Here are some great ways you can use your Time Tracking system to help you with tracking Employee Paid Time Off. This includes general PTO, Sick Leave, Holiday Leave, and Accrued Vacation Time.

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New Features & Changes – August 2016

Hello from the Time IQ team!

We wanted to let you know about recent improvements and additions to Time IQ. We’ve been busy this past month and are releasing today a few features that have been on the top of the request list of our customers.

  • Consolidation of the Home and Time interfaces: Now you can choose Daily or Weekly views on the Home page
  • Addition of new Batch Entry Time Logging interface
  • Addition to Reports of a new Summary Report export format in Excel
  • Addition of new hours field to Time Entry Export in decimal format

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Batch Entry Time Tracking

In traditional time tracking systems, employees generally enter multiple individual entries each day which requires them to choose the project they were working on and enter their hours multiple times a day. For people who tend to work on the same projects each day there are alternate time tracking methods that can make you more efficient.

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