New Features & Changes – August 2016

Hello from the Time IQ team!

We wanted to let you know about recent improvements and additions to Time IQ. We’ve been busy this past month and are releasing today a few features that have been on the top of the request list of our customers.

  • Consolidation of the Home and Time interfaces: Now you can choose Daily or Weekly views on the Home page
  • Addition of new Batch Entry Time Logging interface
  • Addition to Reports of a new Summary Report export format in Excel
  • Addition of new hours field to Time Entry Export in decimal format

Consolidation of the Time and Home Interfaces

You may have noticed a slight change to your Time Entry interfaces this week, and that is the removal of the ‘Time’ tab item.

We moved the weekly time interface to the Home screen, where you can now quickly choose the type of timeframe you would like to view your timesheets in.



You can select your preferred view in the top right of the Home Page where you can select from a Daily, or Week view.

New Batch Time Entry Interface

We have also added a Batch view option that can be optionally enabled by Administrators in the Settings control panel for People who are tracking their time in Duration Mode.

The Batch view will provide you and your team with a way to quickly and efficiently enter your time across multiple projects on a weekly basis. If you only work on a few projects each week, this is a great way to speed up entry by modifying your hours on each project as you go about your day.


When in Batch mode, you can enter notes for each project each day as you log your time and save your changes right away. You can also start and stop timers for each project each day.

The Batch Entry interface can be enabled by Administrators on the Settings page.

New Report Summary Export for Excel


Many customers have been asking for a way to export all of the summary data they can see in our visual reports. While you can always Print to PDF from your browser, we now have an ‘Export Report Summary (.xls)’ button at the bottom of the report page that will output an Excel format file containing all of the totals for each Client, Project, Service (if enabled), and Person. This should be helpful in running client billing and keeping track of your efforts on projects with the rest of your management team.

Decimal Hours Field Added to Time Entry Export

By popular request, we have added a new hours field to the Time Entry export. There are still fields for Duration of Time Entry in Minutes(duration_minutes), as well as Hours + Minutes (hours_minutes) formatted duration. I.E. 1 Hour and 30 Minutes formatted as 1:30.