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Understanding User Levels

Time IQ offers 3 distinct user levels that can give you a high degree of control over the access your employees have to your data.

All people in your Time IQ account can:

  • Log time to assigned projects
  • View reports on time they themselves have logged


Administrators have access to 100% of the data in Time IQ, and they are the only people who can add new team members, set management permissions for Managers, and change user levels for people in the system.


Managers in Time IQ can be given almost as much access to manage Time IQ as Administrators. Managers can not access Settings or add People to the system.  Administrators may give them permission to manage projects, or permission to manage people, which gives them access to view reports and modify time entries for those things they do manage.

Managers may:

  • Assign all people in Time IQ access to log time to projects they manage
  • View Project reports for only projects they have been assigned to manage
  • Modify unlocked time entries that are logged to projects they manage
  • Assign project logging permissions for people they manage
  • Modify unlocked time entries that are logged to people they manage
  • View People reports for only people they have been assigned to manage.

Standard Users

Standard Users have very limited access to Time IQ and may only log time via the Home Page, and view basic reports about the time that they have logged in the system.  They have no access to manage projects, or view any other data in Time IQ.

Standard users can be prevented from modifying their entries in the past by enabling automatic entry locking.

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